IWCPM 2015

This workshop explores novel concepts to allow for flexibly centralized radio access networks using cloud-processing based on open IT platforms, and to allow for a high quality of experience for mobile access to cloud-processing resources. This requires new concepts for the design, operation, and optimization of radio access networks, backhaul networks, operation and management algorithms, and architectural elements, tightly integrating mobile networks and cloud-processing. This workshop will cover technologies across physical layer (PHY), medium access control (MAC) layer, and network layer, and it will cover technologies which translate the cloud-paradigm to the radio access network and backhaul network. It will study the requirements, constraints, and implications for mobile communication networks, both, from an academic and industrial point of view. We solicit original submissions in the following areas:

  • Larg-scale centralize/distributed cooperative spatial signal processing
  • Energy-efficient signal processing and optimization
  • System architecture and standard developments in 5G systems
  • Flexible assignment of funcionality in mobile networks
  • Information theory of cloud computing and wireless communications
  • Joint operation and optimization of radio access and backhaul networks for cloud-based mobile networks
  • Interference analysis, modelling, alignment, avoidance, and coordination
  • Radio resource management in radio access networks
  • Integration of cloud-services into heterogeneous networks
  • Management of cloud-based/cloud-operated heterogeneous networks and interface design
  • Power control, energy saving and energy harvesting
  • Security aspects of cloud-based mobile networks
  • Cloud computing based hardware testbed for 5G systems

Program and registration

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