Standardisation activities


  • Requirements for Distributed Mobility Management, RFC 7333, August 2014.
    Editor: H. Chan (Huawei Technologies); Co-author: Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M).
  • Distributed Mobility Management: Current practices and gap analysis, RFC 7429, January 2015.
    Editor: D. Liu (China Mobile); Co-author: Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M).
  • Mobile Communication Congestion Exposure Scenario, draft-ietf-conex-mobile-04.
    Authors: D. Kutscher, F. Mir, R. Winter (NEC); Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M).


The project has also contributed to ONF, 3GPP and ITU. However, these contributions have not been included here due to the confidentiality of the information.

Project Coordinator

Dr. Albert Banchs Institute IMDEA Networks Leganés, Spain email:

Technical Manager

Dr. Peter Rost NEC Labs Europe Heidelberg, Germany email:


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no FP7-317941