Press releases

  • Press release of the Madrid Goverment regarding the iJOIN project. Click here to read it (in Spanish).
  • Press release of the European Commission listing iJOIN as one of the 5G key projects (February 2013). (Download Press Release)
  • Press release published on the IMDEA webpage. Also appeared in the research sites AlphaGalileo and Madrimasd Notiweb (November 2012). (Download Press Release (748KB))
  • Press release published on the VDI Nachrichten webpage regarding the iJOIN project. Clicke here to read it (in German).

Project Coordinator

Dr. Albert Banchs Institute IMDEA Networks Leganés, Spain email:

Technical Manager

Dr. Peter Rost NEC Labs Europe Heidelberg, Germany email:


  1. iJOIN ICT project
    iJOIN ICT project: Cover Story: Moving Images via @newyorker

  2. iJOIN ICT project
    iJOIN ICT project: Google Just Open Sourced the Artificial Intelligence Engine at the Heart of Its Online Empire via @WIRED

  3. iJOIN ICT project
    iJOIN ICT project: Explore New Horizons' nine-year journey to Pluto

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no FP7-317941