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Open DMM is a platform for IP Mobility solutions based on the Distributed Mobility Management (DMM) paradigm. Current IP mobility solutions, such as Mobile IPv6 (RFC 6275) and Proxy Mobile IPv6 (RFC 5213) are based on centralized anchors that keep track the current location of the Mobile Node (MN) and redirect the user’s data packets to the correct destination when the MN moves from one access network to another. This mobility architecture is intrinsecally hierarchical: at the top level, there is the mobility anchor, residing in the operator’s core network. The anchor maintains the subscribers mobility-related informations (a.k.a. the mobility bindings) and it is present on the data between the users and the rest of IP Network. At the bottom level, there are the access routers, linking the Radio Access Network (RAN) to the rest of the operator’s infrastructure. In this scenario, a mobility client either installed in the MN or in a network entity, informs the anchor about the MN movements, so that the data path can move along with the MN by means of IP tunnels. The Distributed Mobility Management paradigm aims at flattening the mobility architectures, deploying the mobility anchor closer to the users, for instance in the access network.

More information available on official website.

Project Coordinator

Dr. Albert Banchs Institute IMDEA Networks Leganés, Spain email:

Technical Manager

Dr. Peter Rost NEC Labs Europe Heidelberg, Germany email:


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no FP7-317941